On the left is the basic equipment needed to make a sheet of papyrus.


As only the central pith is used to make papyrus, the skin is first peeled away. Strips of the pith are cut and rolled to make them thinner and to remove much of the juices. The strips are then soaked for a further 3 days - longer if the dark papyrus (hammered) is required.


The strips are then placed on a felt cloth, vertically, and then horizontally, until the required size is obtained. Then the sheet is pressed to remove much of the remaining moisture and to stick the individual strips together.


After drying for several days the papyrus is then ready for decorating, and should last for centuries, like the original papyri containing the Book of the Dead or other texts.
















          Peeling and rolling the papyrus                         Pressing the sheet                             The finished product