Price List Prices (Standard Papyrus)    Size             Price                        (Euro) 200x100 cm 190 185x100 cm 130 120x60 cm 90 100x70 cm         65 90x40 cm 50 60x40 cm 45 40x30 cm 20 30x20 cm 15 23x18 cm 10 15x10 cm 7  (Hammered Papyrus) 100x70 cm 75 90x40 cm 60 60x40 cm 50 40x30 cm 25 The majority of our papyri are made in several sizes between 200x100 cm and 15x10 cm.  Although each design is different, the prices for each design size is the same. We can also supply undecorated papyrus sheets in various sizes for you to decorate as you wish. Please email us for prices. Our papyri are delivered to you by DHL. When acknowledging you order, we will inform you of the delivery charges.