Catalogue On the following pages we present a catalogue of our most popular papyri. For your convenience we have placed them in themed categories. Most papyri are available in several sizes - all of the same size being the same price. To find out the price for a certain size click here. We can also supply blank sheets of papyrus in several sizes for you to decorate as you wish. Click on the images below to go to each category- Pharoahs and their Queens, Gods and Goddesses, Tombs and Temples, Cartouches , Old Cairo and Miscellaneous. Because of the nature of a papyrus sheet - each having a unique ‘frayed’ edge, we have trimmed these edges in the photographs.    Pharaohs & Queens        Gods & Goddesses              Temples & Tombs                       Cartouches                 Old Cairo            Miscellaneous Each of the papyri can be identified by the reference number above the photographs